Маркеры Электроника Dye M2 Carbon

Dye Dye M2 Carbon

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Refined over 12 years of paintball marker manufacturing, innovation, and experience, DYE’s M2 marker is the new benchmark for performance and beauty. Based on the legendary DM series platform and meticulously re-engineered from the ground up, the new M2 boasts improvements in every component. DYE’s artisan approach to the M2 is distinctly evident from the marker’s elegant contours. Sharp, aggressive lines flow seamlessly across the M2 without basic screw heads or intrusive cover plates violating the aesthetics of the marker.
But the M2’s substance is more than just skin deep. Now with the introduction of the Method Operating System (MOS) and Prism Interface, DYE’s software gives you a vital look into the heart of the M2. The 1 inch, full color, high resolution OLED screen helps give instant clarity into the M2’s unmatched performance.
Internal pressure sensors, service systems, expanded operational control, and multiple player profiles are just a few of the many new features that make the MOS the next evolution in electronic control systems.
With extraordinary performance, comfort, and unprecedented beauty, the M2 is the new definition of luxury craftsmanship in paintball markers.

Method Operating System (MOS)
Prism Interface
Rechargeable Battery
USB port
5 way control Joystick
Wire-less connection between Frame and body
Billy Wing M2 Fuse Bolt
Shiftport ASA
Low Profile Design
3rd Generation Eye Pipe- 60% thicker
2-Ultralite barrel backs included .684 & .688
Internal Pressure Sensors (IPS)
Magna Reach - Magnetic Trigger
Low Pressure Regulator (LPR)
Hyper5 Inline Regulator
Quick Release Bolt
Ultralite 45* Frame
Gas-thru Grip frame
Lock Down Leaver Lock
Industry Leading Dye Sticky Grips